Marisol + Alex | Robert Carr Chapel | T&P Station Wedding

This summer, Alex and Marisol wed at the chapel of their Alma Mater. They met sophomore year at TCU and have been inseparable ever since. Their wedding was an absolute dream and Marisol planned every detail to perfection. 

Due to being finalists of The Knot's Dream Wedding, they were engaged a LONG time. I think their photos reflect how much in love they are and how excited they were to get married. 

Their big day had a fantastic mismash of cultures. Marisol being Latina, brought in a mariachi band to entertain guests during cocktail hour. Alex's family came from Nigeria to be here for his big day, and there was some truly gorgeous traditional dress. 

When their ceremony was over and it came time for portraits, we went outside and the wind was so strong, I thought tiny Marisol would blow over. We snagged some beautiful shots as the sky got darker and then right at the end it began pouring rain. They were both thrilled and said they were thankful for the cooler temps on a hot July day. I appreciated their optimism and quickly realized that literally nothing could take away from how ecstatic they were. 

Marisol and Alex are both such wonderful people. I could go on and on about the kind things that were said but when these two are together, they are so obsessed with each other it's like nobody else is in the room but they also make everyone feel welcomed and included. This wedding was one I wish I could relive over and over and I'm so honored I was asked to be there. 

Ceremony: Robert Carr Chapel at TCU

Reception: Texas and Pacific Station

Coordinator: Timeka Gordon

Hair and Makeup: Amber Joy/Anastasia

Dress: Sophia Tolli at Bliss Bridal

Cakes: CC's Cupcake Heaven

Floral: Luxe Petals