If This Then That- Wedding Planning Edition

If you're wanting photos of the two of you that are in front of your church/venue during daylight hours, or if you're wanting natural light photos, you will have to see each other before it gets dark. This is especially important during the winter months.

If you like the look of outdoor ceremonies, don't get married in a church or chapel.

If you hate your arms, don't wear sleeveless dresses or tops at your engagement session and avoid strapless wedding dresses. 

If you are taller than your partner when wearing heels and that bothers you, wear flats. 

If it's important to you to have a photo of your face as your dad walks you down the aisle, do not get married in a church where the photographers are stuck in the balcony for the entire ceremony. If you do, you will not get that shot. Same thing goes for the groom's reaction. There's only so far that our lenses will reach. 

If your wedding is in July or August and possibly June or September and you want an outdoor wedding but think your guests will not be hot and miserable, it doesn't really work that way. ;)

If you are completely against the idea of a First Look, but want a lot of photos of you and your new spouse, you can expect for your Cocktail Hour to be a Cocktail Hour And A Half, and your guests will be waiting for quite a long time. It's fine if they have hors d'oeuvres or something to keep them busy during this time. 

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you are at the mercy of the weather. It could rain, snow, hail, or a tornado could come through. Be prepared for that. At the end of the day, you're just as married even if things didn't go exactly as you planned. 

If the Best Man is going to say something embarrassing or that you don't want your grandmother to hear, then do not allow him near a microphone and tell him why. 

If your dress doesn't fit right when you try it on at home or for your bridal session, it won't fit right at your wedding. If you notice something, get it fixed. 

If you plan well and communicate with your vendors, your day will go smoothly. If you blow off preparing your timeline or coordinating logistics, your day will run like a disorganized mess. 

If you don't want a wedding, don't have one. Run off to Vegas. Say your vows on a beach in Bali. Don't do things just to please other people. Make yourself and your partner happy.