Julie + Paul | Rose Briar Place Wedding | Oklahoma City

Julie and Paul recently wed in the new outdoor space at Rose Briar Place. Their wedding was one of my all time favorites. Both Julie and Paul are fun and quirky and they incorporated their fantastic personalities into their wedding as they were surrounded by family and friends. 

Paul's two sons were his Best Men. They were as cute as can be and they love Julie so much. 

Julie loves Paul more than she loves Jon Bon Jovi, which is apparently quite a bit. These two are head over heels in love with each other and so expressive so I think it really shines through in their photos. 

Also, there were a ton of children at this wedding and I'm not convinced they were even real. Every kid was so well behaved and polite that I'm questioning whether or not their parents slipped them some Benadryl in their Cherry Coke. On top of being supremely sweet and cute, they were also incredible dancers. Little girls were twirling around like pros and a tween brother/sister had a dance off. My mind was blown!


Venue: Rose Briar Place

Cakes: Bella Rosa Cakes and Catering

Florist: Pam's Petals

DJ: JD Mix Entertainment

Makeup: DJ Royals

Hair: Cherlyn Rooker