Fall Updates

I haven't done any business/personal updates in a while so I thought I'd let everyone know what I've been up to lately. October is a crazy month for photographers. It's like April for accountants. I have to put on pants a lot of days this month. A lot. 

Here's what's new....

Bojangle Booth

I don't think I ever made a formal announcement on my blog about this. Back in April, I expanded my business by offering a photobooth. I named it Bojangle Booth and my sweet little Mr. Bojangles is the cutest mascot ever. I offer this as part of my wedding collections and also as a standalone service to other weddings, parties, events, etc. It's gone over really well and I've received a ton of positive feedback. I am expecting to add a second booth sometime next summer. Guests are able to text and email themselves photos directly at the booth and the selection of sparkly backdrops makes photos look extra fancy. We are gearing up for lots of holiday parties so if you know someone that needs a photobooth for an event, send them our way! 


New Office

After working from home for the past 3 years, I started feeling isolated and that my productivity was taking a nose dive. I got distracted by literally everything and there was no urgency to get things done since I knew I would likely be home all day and working late. In August I picked up the keys to my very own office. It's only a few minutes from my house and I feel like I can finally get things done, not to mention I have to actually get out of my pajamas and be a normal human which definitely helps with productivity. Wedding image turnaround time has been on average one week faster since moving into the office. 

I'm still decorating so I'm not ready to post a photo yet, but it will be ready for client meetings very soon which I am excited about. I do love my Starbucks meetings, but it's nice to have a quiet place and not have to lug samples around with me. 

Holiday Album Deadlines

I still have several clients this year who have not ordered their albums so I sent out an email about this a few days ago, but in case you didn't see it here goes. All album designs must be finalized no later than November 27 to guarantee Christmas delivery. My album company does fantastic work and produces a great product that's absolutely worth the wait, but they are very very busy this time of year. 


Other Stuff

I carved out time in my schedule this year to go to the OU/Tennessee football game back in September. We rented a cabin in the Smoky Mountains and had some incredible views, although it rained most of the time we were there. The game was intense and I thought Hank was going to stroke out at one point. We won in double overtime and the victory was extra sweet after all those hours in the car. 

While on the trip, a couple of our family members stumbled upon a baby bear on the side of the road that had been hit by a car. They stopped and called 911. The cub was taken to the UT Vet School where they stitched her up and determined that she probably had a concussion and was a little banged up but otherwise fine aside from being a little small/underweight. The nice folks at the Appalachian Bear Rescue stepped in and are now rehabilitating her and some other orphan cubs and have plans to release them back into the wild later this winter. Her name is Aster and I follow all of her updates on the ABR Facebook page and it's so heartwarming to see how far she's come in only a few weeks! I wish pet bears were a thing. 


I have lots of great weddings coming up so stay tuned for more! 2016 dates are going quick, so contact today if you'd like me to shoot your wedding!