Kristen + Gabe | Gilcrease Museum Engagement | Tulsa

Yesterday I shared a wedding where things were not in my control so to continue the similar theme, today I'm sharing Kristen and Gabe's engagement session near downtown Tulsa. 

Any time I schedule an outdoor session, I usually start paying attention to the weather a few days out just to make sure that we don't need to reschedule and I'll know what to expect. Typically, the forecast is reasonably accurate and often if there's greater than a 40% or so chance of rain or if the wind will be stronger than 15 mph, I recommend rescheduling to the client. 

The day I headed up to Tulsa for their session, there was a zero percent chance of rain. It was sunny and there was a nice breeze and so I was excited that we go so lucky. Well, as soon as the session started the sky got very black and we started hearing thunder off in the distance. Within a few short minutes, it was lightening fairly close. I was moving things along as quickly as possible and before long it became a complete downpour. Like, the heaviest rain I've ever been in. 

Luckily, they both had a great sense of humor about it and we managed to grab a few quick romantic rain shots in their volleyball gear before heading out. Kristen coaches volleyball and she and Gabe often play together. 

The thing I love about these two is that they seem to be completely over the moon at the idea of being MARRIED, not just having a wedding. They both show so much love and respect for one another and the way they speak to each other is so kind. I am thrilled to be part of their wedding this December! Many thanks to Makeup and Hair by Drea for making Kristen SO beautiful, even though the rain washed it off before she could enjoy it for very long. :)