Latest Reads

I've been meaning to share some great books with you for quite a while. I received a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas and I made it my goal to read 20 fiction and 20 nonfiction books in 2016. I am probably a little bit behind schedule, but I've definitely read more than I have in years and it's a great way to unwind after a day of editing. Here's a few recent reads...

The Girl On the Train by Paula Hawkins- I bought this book over Christmas break and I read it in an afternoon and could not put it down! If you like Gone Girl, you'll love this book. It's basically like drunk amnesia. Rachel's husband had an affair and married the other woman. Every day, Rachel takes the train into the city and goes past her old neighborhood to basically creep on her ex and the new woman. She sees several things as she passes daily. While she struggles to remember a lot of details due to her drinking, she does remember seeing SOMETHING after a woman goes missing. This book had such a great storyline and a very unexpected twist at the end. It's being made into a movie set to release this October and Rachel will be played by Emily Blunt. I can't wait! 

Blood Defense by Marcia Clark- If the name doesn't sound familiar, Marcia Clark was the prosecutor in the OJ Simpson trial. While her writing won't win any kind of Pulitzer Prize, I like how she's pretty snarky and direct. It reminds me of the way I speak. Anyway, in the book Samantha is an attorney who is tight on money and takes a case where an LAPD detective is accused of a double homicide. The book has a lot of twists but makes for a fairly easy read. This is the first in a series featuring Samantha and I'll be buying the next two. 

Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso- This book is quite popular in the social media land for self employed women. In her autobiography, Sophia tells the story of how she was kind of a bit of a deviant with no real direction and then she started flipping vintage clothing on eBay. Her business is called Nasty Gal, and while she no longer runs her store on eBay, she's built a large empire in women's fashion. I don't know that modeling her business model would be plausible in today's world but she did figure out early on the strategies behind timing your listings, how good photos will make the biggest difference, and how working hard and believing in yourself will help you achieve great things. 

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo- I'm not going to lie, this woman might be a sociopath. I didn't make it more than halfway through the book. While I love the idea of having a clean and tidy house all the time, that will never happen unless I euthanize my dogs and kick out my husband. While I think she offers a lot of practical advice like THROWING THINGS AWAY THAT YOU DON'T USE, she also tells you to thank your socks for providing warmth for your feet. No thanks Marie. She talks a lot about her obsessiveness with tidying as a child and how she threw out her family's possessions without their permission and she wipes down wet shampoo bottles after a shower because she doesn't like them to be dirty. She needs a therapist and probably a hug. If you have OCD, are a single female living in Japan with no hobbies, and believe that socks have feelings, this might be the book for you.


Summer Break Minus The Summer Part And The Break Part

The "slow season" has finally arrived and all the things that photographers push onto the back burner are finally on the list of things to get done. My intentions for the off season were to update my website, get my taxes in order, order new sample albums, and blog a lot of stuff that was missed last year. You know how much of that I've done? ZERO. 

Part of me is ashamed, part of me thinks I deserve a full spa treatment every day just for the fact that I survived 35 weddings last year. ;)

Here's what I've really been up to....

  • I watched all of Making A Murderer. While Steven Avery may be guilty, he did not receive a fair trial and there was definitely some evidence tampering. What happened to his nephew Brendan Dassey is one of the most painful things I've ever watched. 
  • I have read 6 books since December. It's been absolutely amazing. I forgot how much I enjoyed reading. My goal for this year is to read 20 fiction and 20 nonfiction books but at this rate I'll easily surpass that. 
  • I've spent a lot of time working on getting better systems in place for 2016. I have updated my client communication guidelines and streamlined ways to reduce the amount of time I spend emailing. 
  • I've enrolled in a few design courses online which is really fun. My skills in Photoshop were pretty limited to photo retouching so I'm figuring out layers and masks in addition to more complicated things in Indesign. 
  • I've been dealing with several issues with my car so I'm in the process of buying a new one. I don't have the kind of job where I can call in sick if my car doesn't start plus I'm a chronic worrier so I just need one less thing to have to think about. 
  • I've done a lot of events and work on my little side project, Bojangle Booth. What started out as a small venture has quickly grown into something that's hugely in demand and keeping me pretty busy. 

Stay warm my friends!