Pet Peeves

In an effort to blog more things than just photos I take of my clients, I realized that I annoyed myself sometimes. I'm really bad at saying I'm going to do x,y, and z today and not doing it so here goes a my current list of pet peeves...

  • People who drive slow in the fast lane. I travel back and forth from Texas to Oklahoma pretty much every week and so this gets under my skin A LOT. I give them the stink eye every single time I pass them.
  • Cat litter. This new cat situation has made me try at least 10 different types of litter. We settled on pine pellets in a Breeze box and it seems to be working for now. Shew.
  • Jillian Michaels. I started doing her 30 Day Shred and she really gets on my nerves. Mostly because her workout actually works but it hurts. A lot.
  • Working out. See above.
  • Forgetting that I can fast forward through commercials on recorded shows. 
  • The business side of owning a business. Sales tax reports, income taxes, invoicing, paying myself, etc. are all majorly not fun things. I just want to take pretty pictures and naps. 
  • Cell phone batteries. I have an iPhone 5 that I can't upgrade for 2 more months and the battery life is terrible. It has taken a swim in a toilet and lived though so maybe I shouldn't be complaining.
  • Getting inquiries for dates I'm already booked. This is less of a pet peeve, and more something that just makes me sad. Why can't everyone have a different date? I really hate turning people away. 
  • Being addicted to social media. I've tried deleting the Facebook app off my phone but I can't keep it that way for long since sometimes clients contact there. I did install the Self Control App on my computer so I can prevent myself from getting on certain websites until I finish my work. It really does seem to help.

And there you go. An inside look into things that make me mad/sad/frustrated. What are your pet peeves?