New Cat + Random Photos of Food

I realized I hadn't blogged anything personal in a while because I've been so busy this season, which is of course not a bad thing to be busy but I also like for people who follow me to know a little more about ME. We've had a lot going on lately including a new furry addition to our family. I try not to work on Mondays, because it's Hank's only full day off. He almost always cooks for me and it's almost always delicious. Just kidding. He's never cooked anything I didn't like ;). Last week he made Ahi Tuna with fresh garden veggies and a salad that I can't pronounce.


Rush has gotten into the horrible habit of barking at EVERY.SINGLE.THING so we had to dig out the bark collar from when he was a puppy. It gives him a tiny shock that's similar to how momma dogs discipline their babies. I always feel super guilty when I put it on him. Here is a photo of him looking especially sad. He just wants to bark so bad for no reason. oklahoma-wedding-photographer-4

And finally, here is our newest family member, Norman Schwartzcat. We adopted him from a local shelter about 2 weeks ago and saved him from death row. He has the funniest personality and is eating like crazy. I swear he has doubled in size since we got him. The first time I went to the shelter and picked him out I came home and cried for 3 hours because I was so sad that I couldn't adopt all of the animals. It's really not fair that any of them are there. I went back the next Monday and filled out paperwork to foster him since he couldn't officially be adopted until he was neutered. Last Tuesday I took him back for his surgery and so he is officially ours! Norm has brought us a tremendous amount of joy and amusement in a short amount of time and he and our dogs are practically BFFs now.


The whole process of adopting a shelter pet has inspired me to start doing more to get more shelter pets adopted. I've reached out to a few local organizations and pretty soon I will be volunteering my time to photograph adoptable cats and dogs in hopes of helping them find furrever homes. I've wanted to work with pets who need a home for a long time now and I feel that this will be a fun way to combine two of my absolute biggest loves, pets and photography.

If you have ever considered adopting a pet I encourage to go to your local shelter and check out the animals they have available. Owning a pet is of course a huge commitment but will also bring you years of joy and laughter.