Featured- DFW Bride & Groom Magazine Spring 2014 Cover

I've been waiting to announce this for quite a while now because I've been searching like a crazy woman for a hard copy of this magazine. I haven't had any luck. Everywhere I look is either sold out or doesn't carry this publication. Sob story aside, one of my images from Natalie and Creighton's wedding made the spring cover of DFW Bride and Groom Magazine! I am so honored and blown away by this whole thing. Here is a link to the full issue, where another image from their wedding is also featured inside. This is unfortunately just a screenshot, but if you find a copy of this magazine, pick one up for me! I'd be so happy! And pick one up for Natalie and Creighton too! :)

UPDATE! I have spoken with the lovely editor at Bride & Groom and myself and Natalie and Creighton's family all have copies on the way! Horray! Thank you Bride & Groom for being so wonderful!

lydia royce photography