Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Working in Your Pajamas

I recently read an article on the Huffington Post about Generation Y and why they are so unhappy. The story basically says that Generation Y's parents are Baby Boomers who grew up in a time where there were tons of opportunities and the job outlook was better than expected. The Baby Boomers raised their Generation Y offspring to believe that they were special and unique, which turns out that it isn't really true. I mean, I guess you are special and unique, just like millions of other people. I went to college with high hopes that I would land an amazing job soon after graduation..or even before I graduated. I was partly right. I got a job before I graduated. I was super thankful for that job too, but it certainly wasn't amazing, and I certainly didn't get paid enough to do anything more than pay my rent and eat. There were no trips to Cabo, box tickets to sporting events, or making it rain. I woke up every day before it was even daylight (gasp!) and I sat at a cubicle for 8 hours and spoke to grumpy people on the phone. I was good at my job. I was a good employee. I was not "fulfilled" by my work.

During the first week of my first big kid job, everyone took the True Colors Personality Test. It gives you a ton of information about how you operate and what type of management you handle best. It's very interesting and informative and if you've never taken a personality test, you should check it out. The results of my test showed a strong tendency for the color Green, which pretty much means I am mean and stubborn. Ha. It was very eye opening for me and was a good indicator that I would not be successful if I was answering to someone else. Keep in mind that at this time I had absolutely no clue that I loved photography or what I wanted to do with my life.

Fast forward a couple years and I randomly buy a camera. Fast forward a few months while I learn my camera and take some truly awful photos. I continued working at my day job and fell more and more in love with photography. Whenever I took the plunge and went into this full time, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Yes, I am a photographer and I love taking photographs, however 90% of what I do is work at a computer in my pajamas. There are times where I sleep late and watch TV all afternoon and take naps and there are other times where I have all night editing marathons because everyone decides to get married in the same month.

What is your equivalent of working in your pajamas? Figure it out now, because live is too short to be miserable and live with regrets.

I saw this photo on Humans of New York a few months ago and I think it sums up so many Generation Y-ers.