Weirdie Wednesday- Last 5 Things I Googled

Sooooo. In an effort to blog more regularly, I'm going to start several series that occur weekly or bi-weekly. I am putting these on my calendar to hold myself accountable. I always thought blogging 5 times a week would be ideal, but I don't shoot clients that much nor do I want to. So, you guys are going to get to know me personally. Wednesdays are now "I'm Weird Wednesday" so get ready because I'm pretty weird. Last 5 Things I Googled:

1. At Home Sugar Wax Recipe

I am suffering from a major case of dry skin from this fall weather so I thought maybe I should try sugaring because it's gentle on the skin and lasts longer than shaving. So far all I've done is found the recipe. I'm too much of a wimp to actually make it and rip my hairs out.

2. How to Transfer Actions from CS5 to CC

This is photographer talk. I use "actions" which is basically like an editing recipe. They are magical. I use them mostly to soften skin and to resize and watermark images I post online. I got the newest version of Photoshop and none of my actions are there and it makes me way sad.

3. Do I Need Just The Glass or Glass And Digitizer iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

Yeah my screen is cracked. Yours probably is too. It's stupid. When is Apple going to make shatterproof glass?

4. Licensed Bonded Pet Sitter

My friend is going out of town and needed someone to watch her two dogs. I was unavailable so I was trying to help her out.

5. Curtains That Keep The Cold Out

My new office is freezing and undecorated so I really need to hang some curtains and other stuff up on the wall. Like your picture. So let me take your picture.

My cold office brings me to a photo of me being weird. This is a Batman snuggie. I wear this every day while editing. I spilled salsa on it yesterday and still haven't washed it. It has eye holes so I can pull it down over my face but then it's hard to see. Okay I'll wash it. I know that's gross.