Wedding Inspiration- My Go-To Sites

I meet with a lot of brides who are in the early stages of planning their wedding and are sort of overwhelmed with where to look and find good inspiration. I absolutely believe that anyone can have the wedding of their dreams with the right amount of planning. Unfortunately, some brides wait till the last minute to nail down the small details and they end up scrambling. I am not going to hate on Pinterest....I'm going to hate on Pinterest for just a minute. Pinterest is like Google images. Anyone can pin anything and although some pins and boards are awesome, some of them are pretty lame as well. I occasionally have brides that send me their Pinterest pin boards and although most of the time I think this is awesome, I always give them my schpeel about how I love seeing what they like and what inspires them, but I do not want to copy other photographer's work, so I prefer to use images as inspiration but put my own personal twist on the final result.

I absolutely LOVE Style Me Pretty's inspiration board builder. You can search using keywords and colors and find images from previous features from Style Me Pretty. This helps to ensure that you are finding ideas that are gorgeous, well composed, and easy to keep in one place. Here's a sample board I created. (note-these images are NOT my own work...this is an example of an inspiration board)

Another great place I recommend is Wedding Wire. You can login and create inspiration boards and check out other wedding planning resources here.

My current favorite wedding blog is Green Wedding Shoes. I view their new posts daily. They have a lot of DIY ideas and also real weddings rather than just styled shoots (nothing against styled shoots). They also feature engagement sessions and it's great to get ideas that are not the norm that you see every day.

I hope this helps some of you ladies who are in the "Oh crap where do I start?!" phase. Good luck and happy planning!