The Importance of Hiring a Professional

This post is not a sales pitch. I'm a terrible salesperson. I'm also going to try to not get too soap-boxey. (made that word up) I want to talk about the importance of hiring a professional. I will be the first person to tell you that I have not always been a professional photographer. In fact, this time last year I was shooting weddings for cheap free and was not a professional. I knew how to use my camera and that's probably about it. My posing was terrible. My editing was inefficient. I did a poor job of putting together wedding timelines and I had no idea who my target client was or how to market myself.

When I lived in New York I had no room in my budget to have my dogs professionally groomed, so I got on Amazon and bought some heavy duty dog clippers and figured I could do it myself and save some cash. It was bad. Real bad. I had actually forgotten how bad it was until recently when I didn't have time to drop off my dogs at the groomers and once again decided to try and just do it myself. I'm not a professional dog groomer. This is what happened. Meet the not-so-cute version of Rush.

bad dog haircut

It's hard to tell in the photo, but I shaved his back and the top of his legs. He wouldn't let me near his feet or face (probably a good thing).

Luckily, Rush's hair will grow back and I will get a chance to have my botch job fixed. Your wedding is not the same as my dog's haircut. You only get one. If you or someone you know is considering having a friend or family member that "has a nice camera" shoot a wedding, please please look at my poor dog! I have nice dog clippers but that didn't turn into a good haircut, or even an okay haircut for that matter.

We all have different definitions of what a professional means. Hire one. Even if it's not me.