Lauren + Forrest | Wilburton, OK Wedding

In high school Lauren and I attended rival high schools. We were both active in sports and I can remember always being jealous of how insanely gorgeous she was without even trying. Fast forward a few years and I married a man who went on most of his childhood vacations with Lauren and her family. I love that I will forever get to spend time with all of them. Lauren and Forrest could not be any more perfect for each other. Forrest often works out of town and Lauren has absolutely no problem keeping things running around their little farm. Forrest is hard working and patient. Lauren is more of a fire ball. I first met Forrest on their wedding day and I loved how their personalities complement each other so perfectly.

The ceremony was held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Wilburton and the reception was held at Lauren's private family home.

They had the perfect country wedding, complete with boots, brisket, and burlap.