Some things happened this weekend that I didn't really understand. On Saturday, I had a client meeting and then headed to Central Park where I met my new friend  (and fellow photographer) Tamara for a quick headshot session. The intention was for us to take photos of each other, but I was such a wimp and my nose kept running so I said forget it to getting my photos taken. Anyway, while I was waiting to meet Tamara, I saw these dudes walking across this rope that was strung across two trees. I took a photo and posted it to Facebook and Instagram and was immediately berated for calling it "tight rope walking". Apparently, it's an actual thing called slack lining. Feel free to explain to me what the point of this is.


Also, while we were taking photos, it blew my mind the number of people that were just walking around hanging out in Central Park. People had their kids out and were just having a great time all the while IT WAS 15 DEGREES!! I guess that shows that this is my first New York winter, because back home when it would snow and get that cold they would just cancel the whole day. We would get a public service announcement on TV that said "TUESDAY IS CANCELLED. YUP. ALL OF TUESDAY. THE WHOLE DAY IS CANCELLED."

So....feel free to explain to me the point of slack lining and also how anyone could possibly have fun walking through the snow when it's 15 degrees outside. I would love to hear it.

P.S. I shot a FABULOUS engagement session yesterday and can't wait to show you some photos!

Happy Monday everyone!