I haven't posted in a few days, but there's really not much to talk about except that  it's friggin freezing in NYC! I am such a wimp when it comes to cold weather, but with 12 degree temps and -1 degree wind chills, it just turns me into a crabby person in general. Our apartment is very drafty, so I constantly have multiple layers of clothes and a blanket on. I'm trying to pass the time thinking about some lucky bride booking me for a gorgeous tropical destination wedding...sigh..

Anyway, I wish I looked this cute.

Source: via Hannah on Pinterest


I guess I should probably get a couple of these for Rush and Bo, since they shiver every time we go outside. If they wore these I could never be in a bad mood because I would be laughing at them all the time.

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest


This is a more accurate depiction of what I actually look like in the mornings..


This is what a French Bulldog looks like when it's cold outside.


Happy Friday everyone! Stay warm!