Well, the end of the world just so happens to be on the same day Hank and I fly home for Christmas. Well played, Mayans. But seriously, I am still alive, it's not the end of the world, and I've still got tons of photos to blog. That can wait because I'm doing a blog challenge starting January 1st. I haven't decided yet what my requirements will be, but I am setting a minimum number of blog posts per week. I've gotten in a funk that's hard to dig my way out.

In a couple hours, my dog sitter will be coming to pick up the boys. I already want to cry. I'm not sure if I'm more upset about leaving the dogs or the fact that I ran out of Xanax for the flight home. My flight anxiety seems to get worse as I get older. I'm sure I can find a drug dealer around here somewhere. It is Harlem, after all.

I hope that you all have a very safe and happy Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. I plan on wrecking my diet, laughing a lot, staying up too late, and enjoying the short time we get to spend with our family. Oh, and I'm taking my camera so be prepared for some personal photos when I get back.

xoxo Lydia