Sarah + Mike | Central Park Engagement

Remember how you felt on your first day at a new job? A little anxious perhaps. What if you knew that amidst all your anxiety and nervousness you would meet your future spouse. No pressure right? Mike and Sarah began working at a new job on the same day several years ago. They soon became good friends and spend most days together for over a year. Eventually, the company went belly up (thanks recession) and they ended up leaving the company on the same day.

After leaving the company, they began seeing each other every day again. But this time it was different. They were more than just friends this time. They soon fell in love and the rest is history.

We shot their engagement session in Central Park, which is one of their favorite places to go hang out. I always love when couples pick places that are meaningful to them.

Mike and Sarah are both in their final year of law school and will marry late next summer in Middletown, NY. Congratulations to you both and I had so much fun getting to know you!