Beautiful portraits of your family do not just "happen". They take some careful planning and preparation. In order to create timeless, classic photos that you will be proud to display in your home, you need to be prepared ahead of time for what do to and what to expect. CLOTHING: A common issue is clothing. If you pick your favorite outfit, chances are it is trendy and may steal the focus of the portrait. The portrait is supposed to be of you and your family, not what you are wearing. I recommend staying away from tight tops, clunky shoes (yes this includes wedges), and tank tops or sleeveless shirts. Graphic tees are also a bad idea in most cases, but if you are taking senior portraits and want to wear a T-shirt of your favorite band, that's probably okay.

I can't say it enough. For clothing, keep it simple. F'reals. Patterns can be distracting. For women and girls, you can't go wrong with a solid color top with a scarf or other simple accessory. Earrings that are bigger than your head are distracting! For men and boys, a polo or button down shirt is always a good idea. The days of putting everyone in a white shirt with blue jeans are over. Let's move on to something else.


Location is also very important to create beautiful photos that mean something to you. Sure, I can take anyone to Central Park and take their photo in front of one of the million fountains there, but would that MEAN SOMETHING to you? What do you and your family like to do on the weekends? Where do you like to go? The neighborhood park by your apartment may not be as nice as other locations, but if it is where you like to go, then that needs to be where your portraits are made.

A FEW FINAL THINGS: A few days before your session is a great time to get your hair trimmed, your clothes pressed, and drink lots of water! Keep yourself healthy, because it's really hard to use Photoshop to erase that "sick and tired" look that people start experiencing around cold season.

Now that you know how to prepare yourself, CONTACT ME to schedule your session! Fall dates are booking fast!