Labor Day 2012

Yesterday was Labor Day, but I didn't do much laboring. I guess the only laboring I did was the 1 hour trek to Brooklyn to meet up with some friends for a picnic. How weird is it that I have NEVER been to a picnic before? I enjoyed a tasty meal of spicy Doritos, hummus with pita bread, cheese, bread, and honey.


My cousin Jessie flew in from Arkansas and she and I spent the afternoon together. She came back to my apartment and stayed the night last night. I was a little embarrassed about her seeing our place. Hank and I have a 350 sq foot studio in Harlem and it is far from glamorous.

This afternoon we shopped and had some fabulous bubble tea at the St. Alps Tea House. I hadn't had bubble tea since I was in college in Oklahoma and I forgot how much I missed it. I'm going to find an excuse to go all the time now. There's a container store not too far which is a nerdy girl's paradise.

I'll be shooing my first Bar Mitzvah this weekend and am pretty excited. Wish me luck, internet!