New logo, new blog, new website.

Welp, I always learn things the hard way. I didn't export my old blog before I updated my new site so ALL MY OLD STUFF IS GONE FOREVER. As you can tell from the screaming caps lock, I am pretty upset about this. Ok internet, rant over. I finally buckled down and hired a graphic designer and got a real logo. I chose a mason jar because it reminds me of my childhood. Every summer my mother canned veggies from the garden in mason jars and I can remember the popping sound when the lids would seal themselves. One year when I was about 4, my parents planted about 15 too many tomato plants. We canned tomatoes, ate fresh tomatoes at every meal, drank tomato juice, had tomato soup. I got so burned out I probably didn't eat another tomato for 10 years after that.

I also remember catching fireflies and putting them in mason jars. That was how I always knew that it was officially summer and chances were pretty high that it was warm enough for me to go swimming at the creek. We call it "The Falls" and  it's a pretty fantastic swimming hole with a small waterfall. Wearing shoes while swimming was necessary because the shale bottom would cut our feet. Afterward we would walk back to my grandparents and our shoes would make a gross sloshing sound. Once we got back we would take off our shoes and leave them on the porch and admire our tan lines.

My grandmother had mason jar drinking glasses. Me and my cousins would fight over who got to use them because we were convinced that everything tasted better when we drank out of them. I drank a lot of RC Cola out of mason jar glasses.

Now when I go to weddings and see mason jar decor it makes me happy. It reminds me of old things and reminds me of HOME.