left: BRC Photography    right: Kristina Gaines

left: BRC Photography

right: Kristina Gaines

Stuff I Like

Meet Lydia

My name is Lydia and I'm a walking contradiction. I crave spontaneity but also love planning to the minute. I drive a Subaru but I don't own a tent or ride bicycles for fun. 

I'm an introvert with extroverted tendencies. I love colorful things and making images with bold beautiful hues but my wardrobe consists of various shades of black, brownish black, charcoal, dark grey, and navy.

My personality could best be described as a combination of Claire Dunphy, April Ludgate, and Debra Morgan. 

I live in Norman, Oklahoma with my husband Hank, too many dogs, and a cat. They are pretty awesome. Hank is a chef and does mean things like tricking me into eating bone marrow by telling me that it's "white carrots". (Bone marrow is delicious by the way.) He says his favorite thing about me is my dog voice. 

  • I love dogs. I love all of the dogs. Bring your dog to your engagement session and your wedding. Please. 
  • I love sending hand written thank you notes but always start them out by apologizing for my serial killer handwriting.  
  • I believe that working really hard allows you to eventually get lucky. 
  • My hobbies include winning at Cards Against Humanity, eating snacks, and filling up an online shopping cart and then not buying any of it. 
  • I love traveling. I believe life is much too short to spend it all in one place. 
  • I'm obsessed with otters and baby elephants. 

If you want to learn even more about me, feel free to stalk my blog and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

If you want to hang out with me (because I'm awesome) then reach out and email me and we'll set up a meeting. I really like Skype because pants are optional, but I also love coffee and fro-yo (I'll wear pants for that).